Investment Projects

The mission of The Chain Collaborative is to invest in Change Leaders in the coffee lands to drive grassroots development in their own communities.

What is an Investment Project?

The Chain Collaborative believes that vulnerable coffee communities around the world comprise the most resilient people on earth and that we have as much to learn from them as they do from us. Our investment projects are conducted in partnership with local communities; we invest in the supply chain by supporting local Change Leaders to create, implement, and monitor sustainable change in their own communities. We are currently investing in the following organizations of Change Leaders below.

What is a Change Leader?

Change Leaders are champions within their own communities working to strengthen economic opportunities and social fabric. Change Leaders recognize that rural livelihoods are a product of local, national, and international patterns of economic and social relations and that rural inhabitants contribute to the global economy not just in the form of the coffee they sell, but in the form of the ideas they share. Change Leaders are people who share their solutions with the rest of world and contribute to turning their visions for their communities into a reality.

Organizing Committee of Africa Now Initiative. Photo property of The Chain Collaborative

Africa Now Initiative Limited: Uganda

Africa Now Initiative (ANI) is a grassroots organization dedicated to the promotion of socio-economic transformation of the Nyamigoye parish, located in Kanyantorogo sub-county, Kanungu District, Southwestern Uganda. The mission of ANI is to play a catalytic role in building a sustainable, modern, rural- based economy linked to education, tourism, value chain processing and marketing in agriculture.

Members of Las Diosas with Executive Director. Photo property of The Chain Collaborative.

Fundacion Entre Mujeres-Las Diosas: Nicaragua

Las Diosas is a women's coffee cooperative in Esteli, Nicaragua focused on building livelihoods for female farmers and reducing violence against women. Las Diosas currently comprises over 150 coffee-farming members and is currently working to build resilience against climate change, create alternative income sources, and promote women’s empowerment and land ownership.

Members of El Grupo de Mujeres. Photo property of Martha Camp.

El Grupo de Mujeres: Ecuador

El Grupo de Mujeres began as a group of 15 indigenous female leaders allied for change in their community of Chaucha, Ecuador. El Grupo de Mujeres aims to address the economic refugee crisis and raise incomes through coffee cultivation to keep youth and males from migrating in search of economic opportunities. Now comprising 51 members, they strive to conserve their biggest resource: their people.